Why Choose Our Summer Camp For Your Child?

It’s easy to sell a child on a summer camp – mention water games, scavenger hunts, races, obstacle courses, and prizes and they are going to be all in. But how can you, the parent, tell what camp is best for your child? Our camps are opportunities for your child to learn a little about golf, have fun doing it, as well as participate in fun activities that are seamlessly integrated with life skills and character development that can be taken beyond the golf course. Here is our list of reasons why your child would benefit from a First Tee – NWA summer camp experience:

  • GROW THE GRIT: Your child will be given opportunities to try new things, which in turn will lead to errors and mistakes as they grasp something new. They will grow grit and become problem solvers as they learn to navigate these new experiences and handle their mistakes on their own.
  • DISCOVER THEIR BEST SELF: Your child will have opportunities throughout camp to build confidence in themselves and develop new friendships with coaches and peers.
  • MEET POSITIVE ROLE MODELS: Our coaching staff is made up of some incredible adults and youth alike who are setting positive examples for your child in a fun setting. We practice what we teach – so your child will be exposed to coaches who are demonstrating respect, confidence, and good sportsmanship as they get to know your child and develop a positive relationship with them throughout the duration of the camp.
  • DEVELOP COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Communication is a key component in life, and camp provides many opportunities for face-to-face conversations, both with peers and coaches. Respect in the game of golf involves eye contact when speaking, and a handshake before and after a round. These are great communication tools that your child can take with them to be used in any setting.
  • UNPLUGGED: Our camps are completely unplugged. Your child will be getting a lot of fresh air and Vitamin D as they have some fun in the sun, away from the screen time.

The great thing about our camp is that we can provide these incredible opportunities while doing it all in fun, and exciting ways that keeps the kids engaged and wanting to come back for more. Let them think they are getting a week of games, races, water fun, obstacle courses, and more, but rest assured you won’t be disappointed in the other things they will be learning as well! Camps are offered 8 weeks throughout the summer – to register you can find the dates on our registration portal. For more information, call Penny at the golf shop (479) 419-5807.