Coach Kelly on Building a Positive Self-Identity

Louis Kelly, First Tee – Greater Philadelphia alumni and now coach, has been with the chapter for longer than he can remember. Coach Kelly started when he was just 13 years old, graduating through the program in 2010.

Growing up with the First Tee – Greater Philadelphia chapter, Coach Kelly had been so positively impacted as a participant that he thought the only thing he could do was give back by returning to be a coach at the chapter in 2017.

“I love First Tee and I’ve been around it a long time now. Coaching my kids and being with influential people outside in the business world makes me reflect that I just love being able to bring a smile to people’s faces,” said Coach Kelly.

Coach Kelly focuses primarily on the in-school curriculum, along with coaching golf lessons for the participants to help them make their high school golf team. From there, Coach Kelly wishes to see his kids in the program graduate and go on to college where they can play for collegiate teams.  

In addition to the curriculum and golf lessons, coaches like Coach Kelly serve as a mentor for the community, helping to support participants along their educational and golf journey. Coach Kelly focuses on building a positive self-identity as a core characteristic in life.

“The mind believes in whatever you say about yourself, so we need to make it a good one,” said Coach Kelly.

“We need community, and as you know, First Tee has allowed young people to come in a safe space and be around positive coaches and other young people to build healthy habits and life skills.”